What to do in Parramatta

Parramatta Park 
World Heritage Listed Parramatta Park is a must see for visitors to Sydney. Colonists convict and free, were first successful in growing sufficient food to feed themselves here. The Parklands were too attractive to be reserved for subsistence cropping for long and were used by successive Governors as respite from the stresses of running a very large open air prison. Following a determined public campaign, the area was gazetted a People's Park in 1858.




Old Government House
Standing in 200 acres of parkland overlooking historic Parramatta, Old Government House is Australia's oldest public building. For seven decades, it was the 'country' residence of 12 early governors of the colony, including Governor and Mrs Macquarie who preferred the clean air and space of rural Parramatta to the unsanitary and crime ridden streets of Sydney Town.




Elizabeth Farm
Commenced in 1793, Elizabeth Farm contains the oldest surviving European building in Australia. Once home to Elizabeth and John Macarthur, pioneers of the Australian wool industry, it is a rare example of an early Australian colonial homestead. 


St. John's Anglican Cathedral

St. John's Anglican Cathedral is a rather unusual church with twin spires. The site on which the church stands has been used continuously for a house-of-worship since 1803. The foundation stone of the first church on this site was laid in 1799, during Governor King's term of office. It was the only church in the colony until 1809.

For more information visit: www.sydney.com/destinations/sydney/sydney-west/parramatta/attractions




Westfield Parramatta
Westfield Parramatta services one of the largest markets in the country and benefits from the large office workforce employed in Parramatta, giving the centre separate central business district and dormitory characteristics. A recent expansion has transformed the centre into a complete retail, entertainment and lifestyle destination.

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