How to get around Parramatta

Below is a list of Sydney taxi organisations servicing Parramatta:
Taxis Combined: 133 300 
Legion Taxis: 131 451 
Premier Cabs: 131 017  

Public Bus
Public buses are leaving Parramatta CBD approx. every 7 minutes and the University campus is only a 11 minute ride away. Smith Street after Philip Street bus stop and Victoria Road near Wilde Avenue are the closest stops of the CBD hotels. A one way trip cost about $2.50.

To travel from Parramatta to Parramatta campus catch Sydney Buses M52, 520, 521, 523, 524 and 525 services. Please note these services are PrePay only. Sydney Buses, Hillsbus, Hopkinsons, Metrobus and Veolia Services run frequent bus services between the Parramatta Transport Interchange and the University during peak periods. For more information visit:

Opal Card
The Opal card is a free smartcard ticket that you keep and reuse. You only need to get an Opal card once, and then you load value onto the card to pay for travel on all public transport in Sydney (all trains, busses & ferries). Some busses only accept Opal cards. For more information visit:

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